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We are CSL Seqirus

Securing Health for All of Us

Derived from the expression 'securing health for all of us', CSL Seqirus has public health protection at its core. Our brand reflects the promise of our parent company CSL, founded in 1916 to save lives and protect people's health. Our first true test came with the Spanish Influenza pandemic and we have been committed to the fight against influenza ever since. 

Influenza kills. But at CSL Seqirus, we believe it shouldn’t be that way. As the only vaccine company with a singular focus on global influenza, we work tirelessly on cutting-edge research, transformative technologies and the latest production and distribution methods. Together with our partners, we’re on the front line every day, helping to protect communities from seasonal influenza and global pandemic threats.

Our vision is a world protected from influenza. 

About CSL Seqirus Canada

CSL Seqirus has a track record of helping to protect Canadians from seasonal influenza and the threat of global influenza pandemics. We have provided more than 20 million influenza vaccine doses to Canadians since 2010.

CSL Seqirus supports Canada’s public health focus on seasonal influenza vaccination and works to help ensure the success of those programs. As a long-standing partner to Canada’s pandemic planning, we hold the contract as the contingency supplier of influenza pandemic vaccines to the Canadian Government in the event of an influenza pandemic.

Our presence across three continents, allows us to offer advanced insights on the Southern Hemisphere’s influenza season to inform Canada’s approach to seasonal influenza vaccination. CSL Seqirus Canada’s core team is based in Montreal, with individuals working across the country.

100 Years

As part of the CSL Group, CSL Seqirus draws on over a century of experience in influenza vaccines. From 1916 to today, CSL has been driven by the promise to save lives using the latest technologies.

Dr Penfold


Commonwealth Serum Laboratories (CSL) is established to service the health needs of an infant Australian nation.


1919 Flu ampoule


When the deadly Spanish influenza pandemic strikes Australia, CSL responds rapidly with 3 million doses of a mixed bacterial vaccine.


Early antivenom ampoule


CSL releases a tiger snake antivenom, and goes on to develop antivenoms for Australia’s most venomous creatures.


CSL's production during WWII


Production commences on an influenza virus vaccine and the first 1 million doses are supplied to Australian and British troops.


Lady with eggs


WHO designates CSL as a Influenza Reference Laboratory to enhance Southern Hemisphere influenza surveillance.


Flu vaccine production 1950s


CSL responds quickly to the Asian influenza pandemic, producing 1.6 million doses of vaccine.


Flu production or Hong King flu vaccine poster


As the Hong Kong influenza pandemic emerges, CSL produces 5 million doses of vaccine to protect the region.


Dr Warburton


WHO designates CSL as an Influenza Collaborating Centre, strengthening its role in the global influenza network.


stock exchange


CSL becomes a private company.


Export to NH


CSL extends its influenza vaccine supply into the Northern Hemisphere.


Swine flu


The organisation's rapid response to the H1N1 (swine flu) pandemic sees Australia become one of the first countries in the world to roll-out vaccine to its population, with stocks also donated to the WHO.


Seqirus Holly Springs


CSL Seqirus, one of the largest influenza vaccine manufacturers in the world, is created when CSL acquires the Novartis' influenza vaccine business, combining it with bioCSL.


Launch 3 product - patient image


CSL Seqirus launches three new products and is well positioned for the future.


Holly Springs Manufacturing - image library


CSL Seqirus secures FDA approval for next generation cell-based influenza vaccine manufacturing process.


Seqirus Scientist in Liverpool

Global Presence

CSL Seqirus has manufacturing and R&D hubs across three continents, a globally integrated supply chain and a commercial presence in more than 20 countries.

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Corporate Responsibility

At CSL Seqirus, Corporate Responsibility is about conducting our business ethically and contributing to our communities economic, social, and environmental well-being. We believe that behaving responsibly is critical to the sustainability of our company.

CSL Corporate Governance
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In the Community

Helping people and communities by lending our expertise, supporting education and improving access to influenza vaccines and life-saving products, is part of our Corporate Responsibility.

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Our Leadership

The CSL Seqirus Leadership Team has deep expertise in the business of influenza and a shared commitment to public health.

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Our Values

Our Values are fundamental to our success — helping us to save lives, protect the health of people, and earn our reputation as a trusted and reliable global leader. They are at the core of how people at CSL Seqirus interact with others, make decisions and solve problems.

Patient Focus

Patient Focus

Make People and Patients Your Passion

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Reach for the Unreachable



Walk Your Talk

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Adventure Together

Superior Performance

Superior Performance

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